Disable Sleep Tracking

This article provides examples for situations you might want to disable sleep tracking for certain times during the day.

The Disable Sleep Tracking feature can be accessed through the main menu by tapping Device. Enabling this feature opens a time window where Somnofy will completely ignore any detected movement and will not initiate a sleep session.

Here are a couple of situations where it can make sense to disable sleep tracking for a specific time window during the day.

If you are a frequent napper...

As someone that takes regular naps during daytime, you can choose to have Somnofy measure your sleep, or to ignore it. It is up to you, really. Some people like to see their nap time stats in the Sleep History section of the main screen.

It will make the timeline look very «wavy», since Somnofy will ultimately register two sleep sessions for each day — at radically different times of the day. This can make it hard to keep an eye on your Sleep Regularity.

We are working on a feature that can separate sleep measured at night from sleep during the day in the sleep history section, which might alleviate this issue.

If you use your bedroom for other activities than sleeping...

It is highly recommended to only use your bedroom for sex and sleep. Your brain is highly sensitive to changes in standard procedures. By «training your brain» to connect your bedroom only to sleep, it may get easier to fall asleep and sleep through the night.

Still, some people do not have the possibility to not use their bedroom for work, to read a book in silence, to hang clothes on a drying rack, have a baby in a crib, and more. If this is you, simply turn on Disable Sleep Tracking for the time of the day you know you will not sleep, but use the room for other activities.