Display Intensity

Are you sensitive for light during nights? This article explains how you can adjust the display intensity at night.

The minimal display intensity is being arrived at when Somnofy registers very little or no light — if your bedroom is very dark at night. As soon as the ambient light gets stronger, the Somnofy display will increase its intensity to keep the clock legible.

The standard value for display intensity is 10, which can be too bright for some people. We recommend trying 4, if the standard setting is too bright for you. But this is entirely up to you and you might need to test the display intensity for a couple of nights to get used to it.

You can seamlessly adjust the display intensity

  • Tap the hamburger button in the top-left corner to open the menu
  • Go to Settings and click Device
  • Scroll down until you find Display Intensity
  • Set your own value and check the result. Adjust if you want.