Frequently Asked Questions

Look for typical questions and find the answers here!

Q: Can Somnofy be used with two people in the bed?
A: Yes, Somnofy can separate between two people in a bed very well.  If you share a bed with someone, you must change the device distance to ensure that it will only monitor our sleep.
If you’d like to measure both people you will need one Somnofy on each side of the bed.

Q: What is the maximum range Somnofy can be placed from the bed?
A: The ideal position is 40cm/16 inches from your bed! We recommend mounting it within 1m/3ft for the best results. Somnofy measures a maximum of 3m/9ft distance. 

Q: Where do I mount the Somnofy device?
A: Somnofy can be placed on a nightstand, shelf or similar. It can also be placed on the wall with a wall mount adapter or in the ceiling with a ceiling adaptor.

Q: What is the operating voltage?
A: Somnofy uses a USB-C connector and can be powered from any USB power adaptor that can deliver 0.5A or more.

Q: Do I need to start and stop Somnofy manually?
A: No, Somnofy detects when you go to bed and when you try to sleep. It also detects when you wake up so it is fully automated.

Q: How does the smart alarm works?
A: The smart alarm wakes you up when you are in a light sleep stage. This makes you feel fresh when you wake up. You can set the latest time you must wake up and the time Somnofy can use to find the perfect time.

Q: What if I have forgotten my password?
A: Use the password restore feature in the app. You will find it under User Profile. If you have already logged out, you will have to ask for a new password. 

Q: What is sleep hygiene?
A: Sleep hygiene is the recommended behavioral and environmental practice that is intended to promote better quality sleep (Wikipedia). It includes your sleep schedule, activities, food and sleep environment.

Q: Why does Somnofy start a sleep session when I haven't gone to bed?
A: The device will start a session based on the presence of a person. Shorter sessions may occur when you are in the room or inside the range of the Somnofy, but this will not be included in our sleep diary. You can choose to disable sleep monitoring during a specified time interval.

Q: Why doesn't the sleep session end even though I am awake?
A: Sleep sessions is based on the presence of a person and will not stop until you leave the bedroom. If you have disabled the sleep monitor schedule int the device settings, sleep sessions will end when the clock surpasses the Disabled from time.  Ongoing sessions will end immediately, independent of the time, if the power is removed.

Q: What happens if the device´s WiFi connection is lost?
A: If the device´s WiFi connection is lost during a sleep session, a yellow light will appear at the top of the sensor´s display. Your sleep data will be stored internally in the device and uploaded to the app the next time the device is connected to a WiFi so long as the device´s power access is not removed. The device can store sleep data for up til 14 nights internally. 

Q: What happens if I remove the device´s power access?
A: Removing the device´s power access will turn the device off. If you remove the power access while the device is connected to a WiFi, you will not loose any sleep data. If you remove the power access while the device is not connected to a WiFi, sleep data gathered since the last Wifi connection will be lost.  

Q: The details show that I have been away from my bed 3 times, but that is not true!

If you are sleeping in a large bed, and you are moving outside the device distance, Somnofy will count this as you were out of your bed. Example: If you have set the device distance to 1 meter, and you move to the other side of the bed, Somnofy will not detect your movements and not detect anything until you once again are within the set devise distance. Increase the device distance.

Q: The respiration rate shows no measurements

If you move around a lot in bed, Somnofy will not be able to register your breathing. This does not mean that you have not breathed while sleeping, but that you have moved a lot.

Q: Does Somnofy record sounds during the night?

The microphone only delivers a sound level/noise level and nothing else ever comes out of the Somnofy device. There is no recording of sound at all even in the device, and this is done to secure privacy. It only processes the audio level i dB and that is what is recorded and sent to our database.

Q: The serial number and firmware information is constantly scrolling instead of showing the clock.

The top sensor on Somnofy might be blocked by dust. Blow on the top and wipe the unit with a soft clock. Sleep quality measurements will not be affected.