Guided Breathing

Having sleep problems? Learn about how you can use guided breathing to help you fall asleep.

Slow deep breathing has a positive effect on both body and mind, reducing stress and inducing sleep when you want to go to sleep. And even more so if you have trouble sleeping, Somnofy will help you fall asleep by guiding your breathing. It is slowly reducing the respiration rate, while monitoring your actual breathing and automatically adjusting the guide. While your brain focuses on an external breathing cue, it will be easier to fall asleep.

  • Tap Enable guided breathing to open the functionality.
  • Adjust the audio volume.
  • Set the defined time window in which you want the guided breathing to be active. The program will then automatically start, when Somnofy detects movement.
  • Set the progression time to define the intervals at which Somnofy will adjust the breathing rate, when you match the speed given by the guide. After it confirms matching breathing rates, Somnofy will progress to a lower breathing rate level.

If you want, you can also choose the Somnofy display to show the current breaths per minute (rpm).

The Play audio functionality lets you choose which parts of the program you want Somnofy to go through each time the guided breathing program is started. The three optional audio segments are: introduction, activation and instructions.


Watch this short video to understand how this works: