How Somnofy works

How can Somnofy monitor your sleep and what makes Somnofy unique compared to alternatives? In this article you will learn about how Somnofy works.

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Somnofy can observe your presence, movement, breathing and sleep. Additionally, Somnofy analyzes your sleep environment such as air quality, light, noise and temperature, all from just sitting on your nightstand. This information is processed completely anonymously to provide insight, analysis, historic data with trends, and so much more, which in the end will help you master your sleep.

Somnofy measures sleep by correlating your movement and breathing rate against the likelihood of you being in one of 4 sleep phases: awake, light sleep, deep sleep, and REM.

Somnofy is validated against Polysomnography with high precision

Sleep Medicine, a highly ranked journal specializing in sleep, has accepted the validation study of Somnofy performed by researchers from the University of Bergen and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway.


  • Somnofy using non-contact sensors and machine learning was validated against polysomnography
  • Sleep stage differentiation showed substantial agreement with polysomnography
  • Total sleep time and sleep efficiency exhibited excellent and good reliability compared to polysomnography

To validate automatic sleep stage classification in the commercially available sleep assistant Somnofy against polysomnography (PSG).


Somnofy showed high accuracy staging sleep using non-contact sensors and machine learning. You may read the whole paper by following this link.