Quick Start Guide

First time user? This quick start guide helps you setting up your Somnofy for the first time.

  1. Download the Somnofy app from Google Play or App Store
  2. Attach the USB cable to the power adapter. 
  3. Place your Somnofy unit facing the bed at least 60 cm or 2 feet from sleeping position on or above mattress height.
  4. Power the device by plugging the power adapter into your wall socket. This will start Somnofy and you will hear a short melody when the circle display lights up.
  5. Open the Somnofy app on your phone/tablet.
  6. Follow the instructions provided by the app.

  8. After having connected your Somnofy unit to the Somnofy app, you can connect your Somnofy to the local WiFi network at home. You must be within bluetooth range for this.
  9. The Somnofy circle color indicates the status: Orange means no internet. When you are connected to the WiFi the circle turns first red while telling you to leave the room for an initial scanning, then blue, when the scan was performed successfully.
  10. The blue circle shows you that everything is operational.
  11. When Somnofy starts detecting movement, the circle starts pulsating.
  12. When Somnofy begins analysing your sleep, the circle disappears. 
  13. Now, you are good to go! Consult our other Support Center articles for more information and help, if you need it.