Sleep Coach

This article presents the personalized Sleep Coach you have access to in the Somnofy App.

The bottom row of the main screen features the Sleep Coach in the right corner.

Entering the Sleep Coach screen shows you a short introduction card that greets you with «Welcome to your coach!». A short explanation helps you understand what you are looking at.

After getting used to how the Sleep Coach works, you can press the blue button to DISMISS this message.

The second card is titled «My sleep guide» and details how the Sleep Coach feature works.

The Sleep Coach includes research-based recommendations about how to improve sleep. Now, while you can get sleep tips anywhere on the web, we have chosen only validated information and included information from your personal sleep through Somnofy which makes the Sleep Coach adjust to your sleep patterns after a while. 

Each card includes your recent sleep score followed by a sentence that is auto-generated based on your available sleep data in the app.

If you tend to sleep well (f.ex. high sleep score) getting a certain amount of total sleep time, your Sleep Coach will recommend this window of time for you to aim at.

By tapping the blue button (OPEN SLEEP GUIDE) you access a screen which in turns explains what you can adjust to improve your sleep, what good sleep depends on, and what the recommendations for each category are.

Each category starts with a title, for example Total sleep time followed by a short introduction text answering the question: why is this important?

We would love to hear about your wishes concerning the Sleep Coach feature, so drop us a message, if you will.