Sleep Details

This article explains what can be seen in the main screen every time you open the Somnofy app.

The first thing you see every time you open the app, is your last night’s sleep details. It is essentially a thorough sleep analysis based on the measurements performed by Somnofy. You do not need to be a sleep expert to be able to understand your own sleep. We have put together a comprehensive tutorial in a video format and an article. You can find them by clicking the two links.

But let’s first explain what you can actually see in the main screen.

The date above the actual sleep analysis is the date the sleep session has started. If you experience a ”mislabeling” of the dates, this is a by-product of bed times before and after 12am. If Somnofy starts a sleep session at 11pm, the date of the evening will be set as the date in the app. If Somnofy starts a sleep session at 1am, the date of the morning will be set. If you go to bed past 12am one day, but before 12 am the evening after, two sleep analyses will start on the same date (though corresponding to two different “nights”).

Sleep Score

The first «block» you see when opening your Somnofy app is the Sleep Details main screen. As you can see, there is three quantitative sleep values at the top:

  • The time point you fell asleep
  • Your total sleep time
  • The time point you woke up

The Sleep Score is placed prominently in the center and displays a point score between 0-100. The higher your sleep score, the closer to optimal your sleep was.

Two more values are placed right under the Sleep Score: 

  • Sleep Efficiency
  • Respiration Rate

The Sleep Efficiency is a percentage value arrived at by dividing the time actually asleep by time spent in bed. 

Sleep Stages

The colorful pie chart shows the distribution of four different sleep phases across the sleep session:

  • Awake (red)
  • Light (light blue)
  • Deep (dark blue)
  • REM (yellow)
  • No presence (grey)

Learn more about the different sleep stages in this article about what sleep is.


 The further you scroll down, the more detailed the sleep analysis gets. The values depicted in this picture include:

  • Your intended sleep time
  • Total time spent in bed
  • Your sleep onset (from intended sleep to fell asleep)
  • Your times awake/away

Somnofy has a number of  sensors that measures your sleep environment parameters such as room temperature, air humidity, air quality, ambient light, air pressure and sound level.

The Hypnogram

The hypnogram is essentially a timeline of your sleep. It shows at what time you have been in which sleep stage. The colors represent the above mentioned sleep staged from the pie chart. 

And some other graphs

Right below the hypnogram, you can find more graphs respectively depicting:

  • Movement: black bars that show movement.
  • Respiration Rate: This is your breathing rate in breaths/minute.
  • Distance: The distance graph shows your distance to the Somnofy unit.
  • Sound: The sound level in decibel.
  • Ambient Light: This graph shows light sources in the bed room.

Now you are ready to dig even deeper i understanding sleep analysis data. We are getting feedback from our customers that most learn to read their own sleep analyses after a week or two, but it can still be interesting to compare your own hypnograms to those of others.

Our tutorial video covering the sleep details can also help visualize the content of this article: