Smart Alarm

Somnofy is much more than just a sleep monitor! This article explains the different alarm settings that Somnofy is capable of.

Somnofy can work as your standard alarm clock where you simply set a wake up time in the Device Settings which you reach through the main menu.

But Somnofy is smarter than your household alarm clock.

Not only the sound is more pleasant and will fetch you gently from your deepest slumber, Somnofy also has no buttons. So, in order to turn off the alarm, you need to wake up enough to reach over the unit and keep your hand above the top sensor for minimum 3 seconds for the alarm to turn off. We have found this feature to ensure you are awake enough to not fall back to sleep right after turning off the alarm.

If you have serious troubles getting up in the morning, use our Snooze feature which will enable you to just turn off the alarm for a short period before it starts ringing again after a set time period (f.ex. 5 or 10 minutes). Just hold your hand for one short second over the unit until the light turns green and then off. The alarm will then enter snooze mode and ring again after your set time. To turn off the alarm completely, hold your hand over the alarm for 5 seconds.

A walkthrough of the different settings is shown in this video:


To see the smart alarm in action, take a look at the video below. You can also listen in on the sound the alarm makes and see what the display shows, when the alarm goes off.