Why we need your age & sex

Read on to find out why our sleep analysis gets more accurate with the provided information about your biological sex and age.

Somnofy measures sleep by correlating your movement and breathing rate against the likelihood of you being in one of 4 sleep phases: awake, light sleep, deep sleep, and REM.

Since the measurements have been validated against polysomnography (the medical sleep assessment performed in a sleep lab), Somnofy has a very high accuracy for estimating sleep phases. 

Movement and breathing patterns are different from person to person, but also between the sexes. These patterns also differ between age groups. 

An old man, for example, exhibits less deep sleep compared to a teenage girl. This is entirely natural.

Somnofy will take into account your age and sex to accurately measure sleep in the different sleep phases and give you a sleep score that you can compare yourself with.

Heigh and weight are optional to complete your personal user profile.