WiFi settings

This article explains how to connect Somnofy to the internet.

Somnofy needs to be connected to the internet to work. Any changes to your WiFi network, or if you are traveling, require a new connection of your Somnofy unit to the internet.

  • Enter the Device Settings through the main menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of that screen and find the blue button CONFIGURE WIFI. You need to have your bluetooth function on your phone enabled and be within reach of the Somnofy unit to change any WiFi settings. Shortly after pushing the button, a list of available WiFi networks will show.
  • Choose your home network and enter the network connection key (WiFi password).

A blue rendering bar will appear showing the progress of the connection effort. This can take a while, but after some short minutes a successful connection results in a Congratulations message. Your Somnofy is now connected to the internet.


If you are not able to connect to Somnofy via Bluetooth, please regard this article before contacting support.